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about us

With more than 40 years experience in superabrasives industry, E-Grind is one of the premier superabrasives suppliers in China. We offer a complete range of Diamond Tools for Stone Industry, such as Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Wire Saw, Diamond Polishing Pad etc.
Today, we supply our products to over 40 customers around the world and keep developing.
E-Grind supplies premium grade of Diamond Core Drill Bits for block, brick, concrete etc.
E-Grind supplies all types of Segments for Diamond Saw blades, Diamond Core drill bit and Diamond Gang Saw.
Diamond Wire Saw is widely used in the stones (granite, marble, sandstone…) and concrete working industry.
E-Grind supplies all types of Flexible Diamond Polishing Pads for stone processing, floor treatment and ceramic tile producing.
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  • 1841&1842, Tower A, Wanda Plaza, #171, Zhongyuan Middle Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China