Diamond Saw Blades

E-Grind supplies all types of Diamond Saw Blades include Sintered, Hot-pressed, Laser Welded series. .

Asphalt Blade
Designed for cutting the most abrasives encountered. Very hard bond matrix, subsequent exposure of new diamond as cutting continues, large U gullet and undercut protection with either tungsten tips, drop segments, deep draft segments or the Tri-cut section.

General Purpose Blade
Designed for cutting a wide variety of materials including Cured Concrete, Brick, Block, Bluestone, Limestone & Roof tile.

Concrete Blade

Designed for wet cutting abrasive materials such as green concrete, abrasive concrete, abrasive floor screeds and sandstone etc. Most efficient diamond tools for contractors with long life and low cost.

Granite Blades
Designed for cutting hard non-metallic materials, such as granite, block and various stone materials.

Hard Brick Blades

Designed for fast speed and smooth cutting on hard materials like granite and marble slabs, cured concrete, hard brick and pavers and roofing tile.

Marble Blade

Designed for fast, chip-free cutting in a wide variety of marble. It offers the higher cost per cut and maximum cutting speed performance.